Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber board is adopting corresponding swing or blowing fiber (COM. STD. HA. HP. HZ) as the material, are produced by vacuum formed technology

1.Applications: Linings for furnace, kiln and oven, expansion joints and seals for furnace, kiln       and oven, Back-up installation, Lagging of high temperature pipework, high temperature filtration, steam turbine and nuclear insulation, Fire protection, can be used in Industrial Kiln and high-temperature service etc.

2.Thickness: 8-50mm

3.Size: 600x400x10-50mm;900x600x10-50mm,1200x1000x20-50mm,

4.Density: up to 600kg/m3   1260   1360   1400   1430

5.Max working temp: 1430 Deg C (2600F)

6.Continuous working temp:1350 Deg C(2460F)

7.Color: White

8.The other size can be supplied according to customers’ requesrs.

※Products can be supplied sheets or shapes according to customer drawing

※Note: The values noted in above technical specification are given only  for our customers’ reference and should not be used in writing specifications.


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