Phenolic cotton cloth rod

Phenolic cotton cloth laminate rod is made from paper/cotton cloth that impregnated with phenolic resin under pressure and heat. With high mechanical strength and electrical properties,3723, 3725, 3726(China standard is in accordance with CE, L, LE (NEMA standard)

1.   Application

It is used for the insulating spare parts of the electrical appliances and

tranformers; textile machines. gears. fixed frame for bearing. low noise mach

2.  Thermal grade is E.

3.  Diameter: 8-300 mm, Length: 1030mm

4.Color: yellow, red , green, black.

5. The other size can be supplied according to customers’ requests.

※Products can be supplied sheets or shapes according to customer drawing

※Note: The values noted in below technical specification are given only for our customers’ reference and should not be used in writing specifications.

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